Billy Liar

Billy Liar is a singer-songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland, who plays punk-infused acoustic folk music. He and I met through our mutual affiliation with the Forest Cafe, and have gone on tour together many times.

After seeing the work I did for the Golden Hour and various other events and publications, Billy requested I do some work for him. From show posters to album designs and merchandise, I’ve now done a significant amount of work for this up-and-coming musician.

Album Designs

Billy Liar has used Tactile Industries for the design of his All I’ve Got and The Ghosts Of Punk Rock EPs. Each required a quick turn around and, in the case of All I’ve Got, I help with organizing the production of the physical copies.

With each of these releases, I designed a series of social media banners to accompany the launch across BandCamp, Facebook and Twitter.


Ahead of his first U.S. Tour, I designed some merchandise for Billy. I also, along with some friends in Jersey City, NJ, hand-screened T-Shirts and koozies, plus pressed pin badges. A good time was had by all. I think.