Poster Design

Poster design for The Day of the Night of the 1,000 Dances

Day of the Night of the 1,000 Dances

I think the first poster design I did was for a reading featuring the students on the creative writing masters program I attended at the University of Edinburgh.

It was pretty bad. Not comic-sans bad, but still.

In the time since, hopefully my poster design skills have gotten a bit better. A large part of that comes due to my involvement with The Golden Hour, formerly a monthly literature and music night in Edinburgh, hosted by Ryan Van Winkle.

Additionally, I’ve done poster design for Opium Nightclub and various other events in Edinburgh.

I enjoy designing posters

I do quite enjoy poster design, so it’s good to have many friends doing many different things that need a little promotion. If given enough time, it gives me some time to sharpen my drawing skills.

Generally though, it more often involves a few days’ notice and a couple hours of dedication on the ol’ MacBook Pro.

Personal favorite poster designs

Of course, I’m partial to a few of these things, so check out my favorites below.