Opium Nightclub, Edinburgh

In early 2012, I came into the good fortune of being tapped by a promoter trying to revive the live gig nights at Opium Nightclub on the Cowgate in Edinburgh.

I had pretty much free reign to incorporate whatever I wanted to the posters, but these were often needed within a few days. Though these may have been done quickly, I think most of them turned out OK.

From the time the first posters for the Thomas Truax show went up, many of these turned up missing around the nightclub due to Opium patrons stealing them. I took that as a ringing endorsement and disregarded that these people probably had the taste-impediment of being blind drunk.

Your name in lights – at Opium?

One fringe benefit of doing these was seeing them in massive A0 (or maybe A1) size posted outside of the Cowgate. For this gallery, though, they’re only about 1200 pixels.