At some point in my life, I started typesetting books.

After some time spent with the Golden Hour crew and while finishing up a creative writing degree, some of us banded together to produce a compilation from artists who had performed at the event.

A primary concern was who would do the typesetting for the Golden Hour Book. Given my various experiences in journalism – which included doing layout when in a pinch – I stepped forward. And thus, I became known as the typesetting for our burgeoning publication empire.

I hate typesetting

Well, not really, but I did for a while. It seemed that design and artwork for the books would be infinitely more satisfying though. I mean, not that contending with leading and kerning, or trying to smoosh that one orphan line back onto the previous weren’t all exhilarating…

However, I eventually came to terms with typesetting and came to enjoy it. In addition, I’ve become fairly adept at it and can now lay out books rather quickly.

Typesetting with InDesign

Typesetting with InDesign

Typesetting by dummies

Most of the projects I worked on came courtesy of Forest Publications, affectionately referred to as ForPub. I also worked on a poetry compilation for Reel Festivals, which required typesetting in Arabic and English – quite a tall order.

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