Forest Publications

Forest Publications LogoFor Forest Publications, I handled the typesetting/layout for for all but one book. In all, we have produced 25 chapbooks, three perfect-bound books of literature and a graphic novel.

With each of these volumes, we had the benefit of some great visual artists, with Magda Boreysza and Martin McKenna featuring most prominently.

Typesetting projects for Forest Publications

I have taken the lead on most of the typesetting projects for Forest Publications, starting with The Golden Hour Book. In doing so, I also communicated with the printer for all technical specifications and queries.

This continued with the sequel to The Golden Hour Book and Stolen Stories. In addition, though I did not typeset the graphic novel This Will Explain Everything, I had to refit everything from its existing size to an A4 format for orders via Print on Demand.

Visit the official Forest Publications website for a full list of titles.

Forest Chapbook Series typesetting

Forest Publications Chapbook Series Logo

In order to keep regular publications coming, and to better promote the readers of Golden Hour events, we developed the Forest Chapbook Series.

Forest Publications produced these on a monthly basis and the books featured a unique dual-cover format conceptualized by Ericka Duffy. The covers consisted of printed acetate over a more traditional, heavy-stock paper cover.

This didn’t always equate to the easiest production process (we printed them in-house), but the results ended up being worth the effort.

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