Writing by Jason (Harrison) Morton

Writing, in its various forms, has been important to me since I was a child. This has evolved from stories about sharks in the second grade through to sordid short stories and music journalism later in life, with only a brief stop at woeful, self-reflective poetry in my teens.

Fiction writing

Here are some of my published stories:

“Old & New”, Forest Chapbook Series (download ebook)

“Sauchiehall” featured in Bedtime Stories from Forest Publications (pdf)

The Basics of Time Travel” featured in The Golden Hour Book II

Shark” featured in V: New International Writing from Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh/UNESCO/ECA)


Somehow a more bankable form of writing without provided too much bank, journalism figured into my life in a big way for many years. I wrote dozens of features for The Skinny, a stand-out regional arts & entertainment monthly, will living in Scotland. If you’re so inclined, you can search The Skinny’s Jason Morton archives. To save some time, here’s a few of the longer pieces:

The Hold Steady: Bards of Bar Rock

Paws: Smells Like Something Else

The Dirty Dozen: Damian Abraham (Fucked Up)

Lady North: Technical Ecstasy (probably the most fun)

Pelican: Movement For Change

Of Montreal: Wild Mood Swings

Fucked Up/The Bronx: New World, Same Shredded Faces

Black Lips: We Love Our Job

Withered Hand: Beginning To Flourish

Tour Diaries

After a couple Golden Hour tours, I became the official written documentarian and contributed a few articles on our adventures to Drowned in Sound and, later, The Skinny. Check ’em out:

Golden Hour European Tour 2009 Part 1

Golden Hour European Tour 2009 Part 2

Golden Hour Highlands Tour 2010

Photos throughout by official film documentarian Ericka Duffy.